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Isn't Arjun Kapoor's Way Of Tackling Public Scrutiny And Body-Shaming Almost Commendable?

Arjun Kapoor who is known to be candid and truthful about his life and journey into Bollywood, had always been struggling with his weight since the very start and had to shed a lot to become an actor. While losing weight was already a big obstacle, the netizens didn't make it easier, he received discouraging comments time and again, that continuously body-shamed the actor and forced him to fit into a certain body type.

Arjun has not just been a fat kid but he also suffered from a health condition which slowed down his natural ability to lose weight. His dedication, focus and the desire to get fitter and better drove him to achieve the desirable results in just a year. With this journey the actor believes that nothing is impossible along with realising the fact that no matter how hard you work, body-shaming has become a big part of the society and one can only hope that it gets better with time.

The pressure to be this perfect and fit actor in this industry is immense and Arjun Kapoor himself has faced a lot of scrutiny for his roles in the past, the amount of negativity he received was hard to fight out, but the actor keeps on working hard everyday with passion and a brave face to make each day count. Today, with many hits in his wagon and a better physique, Arjun credits it all to his state of mind that forced him to not let go. The actor is happy that he is still a work in progress and has accepted the fact that negativity and positivity both come with his career, he just has to be hopeful and move on. Don't you think that the inevitable spirit Arjun Kapoor shows for life is more than inspiring?


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