Isn't Buried By The Bernards' Uncle Kevin Straight Out Of Some Comic Book?

If you haven't watched Buried by the Bernards on Netflix, you should consider watching it this weekend. If you have, let me know if you agree with this opinion. Ryan Bernard's uncle Kevin or K-bone, as they call him, is a character straight out of some comic book. In fact, he is the last person to call on somebody's funeral. That guy is out there doing make-up on a corpse and he is an entertainer. He respects his job and yet doesn't let it burden him. Right from picking up his niece from her college in a hearse (vehicle used for funeral service) to acting as a dead body in Bernards' commercial, he has done it all. He is one happy-go-lucky uncle we all wish to have. When I saw him, I couldn't accept the fact that whatever he speaks is not scripted. More than anything, he is 61 and I wouldn't have known that if Ryan hadn't blurted it out. If you are feeling low, K-bone is the right person to help you find light in the darkest of hour.