Is it fair to serious content creators when actors like Alia Bhatt start their own YouTube channel?

There are many you tube content creators who have worked so hard to reach where they're today. When already established actors join you tube and promote/talk about things in the same genre as the other growing content creators, don't you think it's unfair? Stars like Alia Bhatt are already well established and a you tube channel isn't going to help them in anything. All they're going to do is just let their fans know what have they been up to/ what make-up brands they use and so on and on. When these stars gain so many subscriptions, It's obvious that people would be interested in knowing what 'Alia Bhat does in a day' or what 'Alia Bhat eats in a day'. This can definitely harm other content creators.


The point here is not only about Alia Bhat. There are so many stars who do this, like, Jacqueline Fernandez, Kartik Aaryan, Nora Fatehi and others who can be a serious threat to other creators. In my opinion, this is completely not fair.