Is it fair to troll an actor even before watching the film!

Yesterday I finally watched Atrangi Re and I know this post is a bit late but apologies as I was busy with some work!

Well, the Atrangi Re movie was trolled a lot because Sara Ali Khan was romancing alongside Akshay Kumar who is an elderly person to her, so people started asking questions as to how can you caste Sara and Akshay Kumar for romancing with each other. Many even stated that Akshay worked with her father Saif so technically she is romancing a sugar daddy. People also tweeted that how can Sara romance opposite a person who is her father's age?

Okay, now I have realized that many people just troll actors for a nonsense reason and don't even know if it can be true? What I am trying to say is that nobody even has seen the film and they started giving their reviews for the film and questioning Akshay and Sara over the age gap romance!


In the movie, Atrangi Re Akshay is actually Sara Ali Khan's father and not her boyfriend. Sara is actually sick and she makes up a love story which is actually her mom and dad's love story and fits it in her head and calls it her own. She experiences a very big tragedy of both her parents getting killed in front of her eyes when her father[Akshay] is doing a magic trick!

So do you think that it's useless to assume something which might not be true even before you have seen it on screen? Should people stop being so assuming and watch the movie first and then give their reviews?