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It is time to think logically and rationally without getting emotional. Be aware be smart!

Covid-19 hasn’t spared anyone. From losing relatives, friends, family members the list just won't stop. Seeing this scenario some so many children have lost both their parents due to Covid-19. This raises lots of other issues and problems too. Adoption of kids who have lost both parents is left in the hands of people. Adoption is done with a good heart and emotions but it can be also used for illegal child trafficking by adopting them illegally and then further to sell these kids or putting them into a dangerous profession which can not only risk their life but ruin their lives completely. In India, there is a proper procedure for adoption which has to be properly followed to adopt a child.

There is a proper HOTLINE NUMBER 1098 that gives correct guidance on what to do in this situation. So if any one of you know a child who has lost their family member due to Covid-19 and has no Legal Guardian to take care then help them with a proper legal procedure and do not share their details on Social Media as it is also illegal. These scammers have not only let Indians down but also have ruin India’s image. Do not fall for any sympathy game as these scammers are very smart. Do not fall for any false hope. Stay Safe and also keep others safe. It's time to stand together but with social distancing.


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