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Is it a trend in Bollywood for actors to jump in movies before completing their education?

I was shocked when I came to know that bollywood is filled with actors and actresses who haven't even completed their basic education and some are even school drop outs. Is it some sort of a trend in bollywood for actors to jump in movies before completing their basic education? Some of the most famous actors who school dropouts are-

Karishma Kapoor- left her education after studying till 6th standard as she wanted to start early in bollywood. Kajol- did not get the opportunity to complete her schooling as she was offered the movie Bekhudi when she was sixteen years old.

Arjun Kapoor -failed his higher secondary examinations, after which he decided to work as an Assistant Director.

Salman Khan- However, not having a keen interest in academics he did not complete his education till the 12th standard

Kangana Ranaut- left school at the age of 17 to start her career in Bollywood. There is indeed a big list and these are just one of them. Do you dropping out of school really helped them in their career?  




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