Is it a wise decision for Bollywood celebrity Karan Johar to host Bigg Boss OTT?

Did you ever expect Bollywood’s biggest celebrity Karan Johar hosting a scandalous show like Bigg Boss OTT? I always felt that he's too elite to communicate and relate with the Bigg Boss participants and I even doubted that he has ever even watched an episode of Bigg Boss but I guess I was wrong. Karan Johar said that hosting Bigg Boss is his mother’s dream come true. Apparently, Karan’s mom and himself are huge Bigg Boss fans and wouldn’t even miss a single episode of the show.


As this news comes as a surprise to all of us, I also wonder whether Karan Johar's decision to host a controversial show like Bigg Boss can have a negative impact on his career as well. I am sure the Karan thought about a lot about making up his mind to host since his reputation is already at stake. Do you think this is Karan's attempt to relate to another set of target audience? One thing I know for sure is that a lot of people will be tuning in to watch the show just to judge how good of a job is Karan Johar doing.


Do you think it is a wise decision to host Bigg Boss OTT on Karan Johar's part or can it have a negative impact on his career? Will you be watching the show to judge Karan Johar's hosting skills?