It's high time that Bollywood celebrities stop endorsing fairness creams

India has a huge colourism problem. It's not only in society but has made its way into the entertainment industry. It's no surprise then that most Bollywood actors tend to have lighter skin tones that are seen as acceptable. Else over time, they opt for skin lightening to fit the standards.

When racism issues sparked up in America, Bollywood was quick to present themselves as woke and condemned racism. While glossing over the issue back home, of course. Abhay Deol was one of the few celebs to call out this double standard. He's always pointed out one of the glaring problems - the endorsement of fairness creams. You can't shout racism while promoting skin lightening to your audience. That's hypocrisy.

Sonam Kapoor had come under fire for that. Priyanka Chopra was pointed out for her stance on BLM while having done fairness ads before. She's one of the few celebs who have apologised, though, so that's a step in the right direction. Yami Gautam has, meanwhile, built a career off of advertising Fair and Lovely. One might give her the benefit of doubt that it was just a stepping stone for her since she didn't have many movie offers then. Yet, even now she's promoting the recently rebranded Glow and Lovely. Forget that, top actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone have done the same when they technically have the star power, influence, and money to reject these ads.

Hopefully, they speak up about their past ads and take up a more firm stance by refusing fairness cream endorsements.