“It's okay to not be okay” I recommend everyone to watch it!!

It's more of a healing drama than a rom-com and it opened doors for discussion. The romance part of it was a bonus to the plot. It was intriguing with multiple plot twists and Seo Ye-Ji aka Ko Mun-Yeong a children's book writer who turns from a cold to a warm hearted person. Her dreams honestly terrified me. Kim Soo-Hyun after returning from military enlistment played Moon Gang-Tae who works as a healer in a psychiatric ward. Even though he was the youngest member of the family, sole breadwinner and decision maker for Moon Sang-Tae who is the surprise package. You will face serious second lead syndrome and Kim Mi-Young who plays a mother figure in the finest way. The writers in a very subtle manner have touched different mental health issues as well as how every person around them is affected and ways of dealing and healing with them.