It's so shocking to know that Karishma was auctioned during her honeymoon by ex husband Sunjay Kapur-

There is simply no limit to cruelty and inhumane treatment by people towards others but this is really shocking.

If a big star like Karishma has gone through so much of domestic violence and torture from her husband, I wonder what all common women go through.

In an interview, Karishma Kapoor revealed that her ex husband and mother-in-law used to torture her real bad.

As per Jagran, Karishma Kapoor also said that her life after marriage changed drastically. Every day she used to suffer in that marriage. She also revealed one of the worst memory wherein the actress was auctioned on her honeymoon. During their honeymoon, he forced her to sleep with his friends. And when she refused, Sunjay beat her up and even quoted her price to one of his friends. This affected her mental health to a large extent. Besides being such a powerful personality herself I wonder why she went through all that for 13 years and didn't give him divorce much earlier.