ITZY: Top 3 B-side tracks

Itzy has so many good songs and we love all of them. But they also have such good B-side tracks that outsell their title tracks. These are our favourite B-side tracks from Itzy.

1. Shoot: This is one of their best B-side track. This was included in their ‘Guess who?’ album, released on 30th April 2021. This song is so chilled out and the rap parts are so good. It should have been made their title track. The trap beats combined with their melodic rap gives out the perfect mix of hip-hop and trap.

2. Cherry: The song that made Midzy’s realize Yuna’s rap skills. The song was a part of their 2019 album ‘IT’z Different’, the song was incredible. With lyrics like “My dreams are higher than you think” perfectly captured the ambitions of Itzy. It was “really a cherry on top” of that album.

3. You Make Me: This song makes all of the Midzy’s speechless. This song was from their album ‘IT’z ME’ released in 2020. The perfect song to move on from anything, it always gives out the energy to make you feel empowered.

Itzy has really good title tracks but their B-sides tracks are pure perfections, which gives them individual voices and colours.