IU and Jay Park had the cutest interaction on Social Media and fans are loving it

Jay Park recently collaborated with IU for the digital single 'GANADARA' and the song is already charting at no.1 in many Korean music charts. The MV is very funny in which Jay Park is trying to make the busy IU feature in his video. This collaboration was a hit anyways and the two soloists also bickered on Instagram.

Before the release, Jay Park had uploaded a teaser in which he asks IU "Will you appear in my MV"? IU responded, "I think I need to check my schedule."

In the comment section, Won Soju, an alcohol company owned by Jay Park himself commented "IU, please come out. I'll give you 100 bottles of Won Soju." Jay Park then immediately said "IU is a model of Chamisul. Don't cross the line. Just give the 100 bottles to me instead." The alcohol brand realized their mistake and wrote "Oh my gosh... IU is Cham...i...s...".

Later IU gave her cute warnings to both accounts saying "Please refrain from making provocative remarks like this - From Chamisul model IU."

Fans found this adorable interaction very cute. What do you think of this collab? Did you like their song?