Jaan Kumar Saanu, responded strongly to allegations of using Sidharth Shukla name for getting fame.

Singer Kumar Saanu's son Jaan Saanu , recently tweeted that he was thinking about sharing a tribute to 'Sidnaaz' by releasing a song "Mera Tu". Well, after this tweet he was criticised, as netizens thought that he is using Late actor Sidharth Shukla's name to get popularity and trolled him.


Then, Jaan hit back by saying that, " 'Disrespecting his legacy' by dedicating a song to him and Shehnaaz? Bro, I'm a singer, you wan me to dance or act to show love and affection for someone I idolised? This is 'disrespecting his legacy'? I think you need help. Anyway enough footage for you."


Later he clarifies that Mera Tu will not be a music video. He said, "Just clarifying. It won't be a music video. Just a song written and sung by me for something I really , really loved, the bond between Sidharth and Shehaaz".


Do you agree that it is wrong to use Late actor's name again and again for your personal work and profit?