#JabraFan: Why I love Vijay deverakondo so much?

I adore his attitude both on and off-screen. His followers adore the way he performs, walks, and behaves. They are smitten with him. In his manner of walking and speaking, Vijay exudes swag and attitude. I've seen him interact with fans numerous times; he never lets them down and wins them over by taking pictures with them. He never takes offence at trolls and finds humour in them. He has a sizable female fan base, and they are all crazy about him because of his stunning appearance.

Some people got sparks in their eyes,some kind of attraction,he got that and his open attitude attracts much more.

And one of the big reasons is Because of his never give up attitude his getting standing ovation wherever he goes. And he does so many funding to people who are in need.