Jagame Thandhiram - A Tedious 158 minute Journey that's neither exciting nor Inspiring.

Suruli, a local gangster from Madhurai is sent to London to help a criminal lord. The events that unfold when Suruli reaches London form the crux of the film. This Karthik Subbaraj film never settles and messes up big time. Subbaraj tries to experiment by incorporate western gangster elements into stereotypical commercial potboiler. But Jagame Thandhiram suffers from bland writing and lack of properly etched characters. The film has got all the styles of a gangster drama from exhilarating action sequences, guns, chases, gang rivalries,slow motion walks but the less substance in screenplay kills the whole fun. This half baked, unexciting drama is hollow and despite Karthik's usual measures Jagame Thandhiram ends up uninspiring. 

The characters are mostly one dimensional and underdeveloped. Without Dhanush this film would've been a huge debacle. He is witty, charming and with his swag tries too hard to hold this mediocre film. James Cosmo is a mere caricature who makes no impact in the film. Joju George is majestic but sadly his character is half-baked. Aishwarya Lekshmi tries too hard to be in the plot yet scores in few emotional scenes. Santhosh Narayanan's electrifying score and K S Shreya's superlative visuals visuals keeps the film lively to an extent. 

Jagame Thandhiram doesn't add anything novel to this genre. The film talks about a serious political statement but it gets weighed down due to the monotonous narration. Jagame Thandhiram is a tedious 158 minute journey that's neither exciting nor inspiring.