Jay Park and his labels

The leading independent hip-hop/urban label, AOMG, based in Seoul, South Korea, was founded by Jay Park in 2013.

Involved as both an artist and CEO, Jay formed AOMG with the goal of organically promoting and cultivating artists and producers by relying on their unique artistry, above their consumerism.

Jay Park, Whose Korean name is Jaebom Park, has been described as the “industry loyalist” of Korean R&B, an influential figure in the Korean hip hop scene, and was credited as one of the leading people responsible for the increased market recognition and widespread acceptance of K-hip hop in South Korea.

Initially, Park rose to fame as the leader of the 2 PM South Korean boy band, founded in 2008 by JYP Entertainment record label, after having been a trainee for four years. After remarks he wrote about Korea in 2005 as a teenager were published by the Korean media, Park formally left the party in September 2009.

In June 2010, Park returned to South Korea to film Hype Nation, and in July 2010, Park signed a deal with SidusHQ, one of South Korea’s largest entertainment companies.

Are you familiar with Jay Park? If yes, then what are your favorite song from him?