Jay Park has finally cleared the air on his retirement plans - Here's what he said

Recent activities of Jay Park had made people suspicious, and many speculated that the singer will soon announce his retirement. Well, the man has spoken himself to clear his stance on the retirement plans. Former 2 PM member Jay Park is a successful singer, rapper and CEO, he has always been vocal about his retirement and when recently he stepped down as the CEO of his two agencies, fans were left with no option but to assume that the time has come.

Recently, on Twitter, a fan finally asked Jay Park about his stance where he openly declared that he has no plans of retiring yet. Yes! He said it! He wrote, "not retiring yet. In the last two years I think I did like 80 fts but only put out like 7 songs under my name lol. I owe my fans at least one or two more good albums." He concluded by saying, "This year gonna be crazy, trust." Well, his fans can breathe now, he isn't going anye=where for the time being, and he has also hinted towards a possible new album release this year. Now, how exciting is that!