Jayeshbhai Jordaar is to release in May, how excited are you??

The story of the Jayeshbhai Jordaar starts with an ordinary Gujarati man. Jayeshbhai is in a tough situation when his wife got pregnant for the second time. His father is the Sarpanch (Village Chief) and due to their society where there is inequality for females, Jayeshbhai's father wants a boy heir, so he forces Jayeshbhai and his wife to abort the baby if it's a girl. But Jayeshbhai, like a hero, finally decides to do what's right and now he must face many challenges to protect the baby.

The story will show various angles of our society and I am sure it's going to be an excellent movie! A typical Gujarati family and how a man struggles to protect his daughter. A combo of comedy-drama and tears, Jayeshbhai is ready!