Jealousy Incarnate - A hidden gem

Not a lot of people know about this Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin starter. Having aired in 2016 it has a really progressive plot for a K-Drama and the plot doesn’t just revolve around the romance but also life and career.

The story revolves around Pyo Na-ri who is a weathercaster, and the reporter, and Lee Hwa-shin. Both are long-time colleagues at the broadcasting station. Three years ago, Nari had a crush on Hwa-shin. But things change when she meets the man of her life. Go Jung-won is a chaebol and the best friend of Hwa-shin.

The plot seems simple enough on paper, but it has so many brief moments that you just can’t erase from your mind. From ‘Eating air and pooping cloud’ to that intense kiss scene from the hospital, you won’t have a single episode where you feel like skipping.

Give it a watch! If you already did- Comment down which moment was your fav!