Jeetu Bhaiya and Sandeep Bhaiya-The two pillars of TVF!

As TVF's "Aspirants" came to an end it all left everyone with another iconic Bhaiya, that is, Sandeep Bhaiya.Who needs Sandeep Maheshwari when we have our Sandeep Bhaiya with us! " The Success is worth it when you have people who sacrificed their own dreams & helped you launch towards success still around there with you when you succeed!" this quote by Sandeep Bhaiya left everyone in awe and even got him trending on Twitter as they celebrate his victory at the end of the series. Hats off to TVF for providing such quality content for free.And thank you to Jeetu Bhaiya and Sandeep Bhaiya for being a ray of hope for all the students out there!