Jendragon - the power couple of 2021

We were just traumatized after Jennie and Kai broke up after 4 months of their relationship and now Jennie is back with another dating scandal. Hawk-eyed dispatch revealed the 1 year long hidden relationship between Jennie and G-Dragon, from dates at home to secret meetings, managing their busy schedules. Though YG entertainment did not confirm anything on the matter, the relationship was not a secret within the agency. G-Dragon's car was also spotted in the Blackpink's concert arena. Not only this, but Jennie had the access to G-Dragon's house. The two really bond well. Do you think they will be the power couple of this year? It's been over a year now, that they are dating which is unlike to her prior relationship status with Kai. Also do you think invading someone's privacy is right? Don't you think dispatch should leave the idols alone? Dating scandals can affect the artist's life badly. Dispatch should really get a life rather than invading someone's private lives.