Jessi, Lovelyz's Mijoo, and Lee Sang-Yeop test positive for COVID-19

Jessi and Lovelyz's Mijoo have been tested positive for COVID-19. Earlier, on the same day, the news of the confirmed case of Lee Sang-Yeop and director of tvN's new entertainment program 'The Sixth Sense 3' was reported. Their agencies have revealed that they have temporarily halted activities guidelines and do their utmost to ensure artists' speedy recovery.

The Sixth Sense 3' has also decided to postpone the first broadcast scheduled for March 11 due to the successive confirmations of the cast and crew. The first episode was scheduled to air on March 18, which has been delayed by a week. Meanwhile, 'The Sixth Sense 3' is an unpredictable sixth sense variety show in which six celebrities visit locations and figures, and find the fake among real by using their "sixth sense". Wishing Jessi, Mijoo, and Lee Sang-Yeop the speediest recovery!