Ji Chang-Wook to make a comeback as an Action Hero again

One of the dramas that Ji Chang-Wook is famous for is 'The K2' which was released back in 2016. Fans are excited to see his comeback as an action hero again.

However, it is said that he'll show an unexpected version of him which was never seen before. The female lead is not revealed yet. Who do you think should play it? Ji Chang-wook is also filming a drama named 'If You Say You Wish' along with Sung Dong Il and Girls Generation member Choi Soo Young. He's also working on the Netflix original 'The Sound of Magic' which is based on a popular webtoon and is expected to release in first half of this year.

Have you watched 'The K2'? What's your favorite drama of Ji Chang-wook? Are you excited for his upcoming release?