Jimin may not have won the entertainment quiz but he definitely won Jungkook’s mom’s love

A little spoiler here if you haven’t yet watched the latest Run BTS episode 137. Jungkook’s mom happened to be the saviour for Jikook in the entertainment quiz show segment. There was a question where the members had to guess the name and the artist of the song played. When the teamwork of Jikook was not of much help for them to succeed, JK’s mom came in the picture. Jungkook used the chance to call a friend and called his mom as he was sure that she will guess it right. Though it wasn’t his mom who guessed the answer right but his dad, it was a success for Jikook. The chaotic duo jumped out of their seats on the victory and thanked Jungkook’s mom for helping. When Jimin said “Mom, it’s me, Jimin”, she replied with “Jimin, love you”. Jimin was over the moon after hearing ‘saranghae’ from Jungkook’s mom. Thanks to his mom, it was the highlight of the episode.