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Jin is a pro photobomber!

BTS released Bangtan Bomb which made all of us laugh in tears! Jin and J-hope were doing individual photoshoots and Jin decided to annoy J-hope in the cutest possible way. Jin was making funny faces which made J-hope laugh his heart out. Later when it was J-hope’s turn for photoshoot, Jin refused to go home and started photobombing J-hope, saying that in this way everyone would have to go home late. At first, he was acting to tie his shoes with no shoelaces. Disrupter Jin then, remained in the background for quite some time thinking about how to ruin Jhope’s individual photos and finally came up with few ideas. Meanwhile, it was bothering J-hope as he was concerned that Jin will appear in the background, in the photos. Jin then started playing with the lights with his coat in the background blocking them, when the pictures were taken. J-hope stared laughing saying that Jin has nothing better left to do. Jin didn’t stop here. He further, started throwing his expensive shoes and coat in front of the camera, photobombing our poor Hobi’s solo picture. The camera man ended up clicking a picture with the jacket, covering J-hope’s expressions as he was posing for the picture. This made everyone laugh including the camera man who was clicking the pictures. No doubt Jin loves teasing other members and he sure is good at it!

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