"Jirisan" fame actor Ju Ji-hoon gave a savage reply to a stereotypical question - When will these insensitive racist questions stop?

Ju Ji-hoon, who is currently busy with the promotions of his new drama "Jirisan," graced the cover of the German magazine ICON.

However, the magazine received a lot of backlash for asking a highly insensitive and uncomfortable question to Ju Ji-hoon. Even though Ju Ji-hoon handled the matter gracefully and gave a savage response, fans were completely aghast at the stereotypicality of the question.

The question translates to "Do you find it disrespectful when it is said that all Asians look the same?" This question in itself was derogatory, we thought we were past this insensible otherness. Nonetheless, Ju Ji-hoon gave a fitting reply to the reporter by responding "In our eyes, all white people look the same, except for Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise."

Nothing could have been a better answer to this stereotypical question. But it doesn't cover the fact that western media is still so insensitive and blind that it can not see the variety in the Asian cultures and carry this superiority complex. Had it been a western celebrity, would anyone still ask the same question?

Do you think it is downright offensive to ask such questions?