"Jirisan" starring Jun Ji-hyun drops in ratings - What could be the reason?

"Jirisan" starring Jun Ji-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon broke many records with its premiere on tvN, quickly becoming the most successful premiere for the network. However, despite the stellar reception of the premiere, "Jirisan" has seen a noticeable drop in the ratings, creating a lot of discussions for the reasons behind the decline.

As we all are aware of the fact that despite the high ratings, the premiere received a lot of criticism and mixed reactions by the audience for its poor CGI and mediocre acting. Many believe that it is this poor green screen effect and extreme criticism received during the last week, which is the possible reason behind the audience losing interest in the drama.

"Jirisan" was a highly anticipated show, and people had high expectations from it, however, so far it has been mediocre in terms of its execution. But, do you think "Jirisan" will be able to overcome this criticism and continue to grow? Or, will it become another big production disaster?

What are your thoughts?