JiWoo of Kard shares her RE: MEMBER story- RE:Debut

Kard is set to make a comeback this month and each member is giving us a glimpse into their pre-debut life and decisions. the first member was Big Matthew and the second video about Jeon Ji Woo.

Ji Woo talks about how nervous she was when she decided to pursue music and wanted to tell her parents. Asian parents are quite strict when it comes to unconventional career choices their children make. Music and acting are the two career paths that parents don't usually want their children to pursue.

When it comes to asking permission or informing parents about a career in music, it can be expected that the answer is going to be a NO. However, JiWoo knew it since the age of eight, that she wanted to be a singer and when she passed her first audition, she finally gathered the courage to tell her parents that she would pursue music.

Check out what she has to say about KARD's international fame and their comeback.