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Jojoba oil from solved skincare review

100% Organic Golden Jojoba Oil by @solvedskincare I won this oil as a part of review event and hence trying it from over a month now. Winters are best to try facial oils and lately I have been liking carrier oil. Naah ,this is carrier to all essential oils. That's the beauty of this jojoba oil. It extends the shelf life of other oils if mixed with. I loved to use it as facial oil only though it had numerous benefits . This oil was used by both me and my sister as we have different skin types . And we both loved it. Comes in a frosted bottle with dropper. GET TO KNOW WHY This oil is the lightest of all facial oils we have tried. It sinks into the skin immediately and gives an indigenous glow . It nourishes and moisturizes the skin for long hours. We travelled with it from Himachal to Rajasthan and it did not disappointed at all. Now as of at home ,I'm using it as nail oil too and my nails have healed a bit. The color is golden yellow and texture very smooth silky slippable oil. It will be great for your gua sha sessions. Its great as a hair oil too. I can see visible changes in my skin with its consistent use. The skin has become bright , even toned , without any acne and clear. It will heal the texturized skin if used religiously. Its an anti ageing , no acnegenic , non comedogenic, intense hydrating, WAYS IT CAN BE USED Facial oil Hair oil Nail oil Cleansing oil Body oil Lip oil Dilute other essential oils Which carrier oil you love? Thank you andy for giving a chance


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