Is Jugjugg Jeeyo movie worth watching?

The film is excellent for a single time watch.


One of Jug Jugg Jeeyo's greatest assets is its ability to successfully showcase the abilities of its whole cast.


Raj Mehta, the director, went all out to provide Anil Kapoor some of the best dialogue and sequences in the film, taking advantage of his adaptability. Kiara and Varun have energising chemistry, and unlike other rom-coms, she isn't treated like a prop. She has a few strong scenes. On the big screen, Neetu Kapoor is delightful to watch, while Maniesh Paul excels at providing comedic relief.


In each scene, Kiara Advani delivers a strong performance. Varun Dhawan's performance in the movie wasn't perfect; there were few areas where he could have improved. Neetu Kapoor is charming and alluring, and she excels in the part. In the second half, when her character gets the potential to take the lead, she gives her best performance. Prajakta Koli's YouTube debut is impressive, yet there is room for development. The flashy Gurpreet is most effectively portrayed by Maniesh Paul.


The comedy in the film is used frequently to address a number of issues. Relationship issues are at the centre of the entire plot, which is handled skillfully enough to keep the audience interested. A minor lag in the middle of the movie may have been fixed with better editing. This family drama has a fantastic beginning and a fantastic conclusion.