Is Juicy Chemistry Rosehip Oil worth the hype?

I have been using the Juicy Chemistry Rosehip Seed Carrier Oil in multiple ways and my thoughts are:

1. Is an organic, single ingredient (Rosehip obviously!) oil that is rich in Vit C and is a potent antioxidant.

2. Being rich in fatty acids, it deeply moisturizes the skin and helps retain the supple, youthful quotient making it popular as an anti aging oil.

3. It also helps accelerate tissue regeneration.

4. It aims at keeping TEWL and free radical damage in check.

5. It has medium viscosity and doesnt feel greasy on the skin. Again, dont overdo it and 2-3 drops per use is sufficient.

6. I use it as a facial oil at night post moisturizer and wake up to well moisturized and supple skin.

7. Since its anti pigmentation benefits are well known, I also use it as a lip oil. Do note that visible reduction in pigmentation would demand consistency and patience.

8. I also use it in my DIY masks especially brightening ones.

9. Also massage it on my neck and D├Ęcolletage as these body areas tend to show early signs of aging very easily.

10. I also use it to massage my scalp. It helps strengthen hair follicles and arrest hair fall and accelerate hair growth.

11. Is certified organic and of premium quality. For use within specified shelf life for maximum efficacy.


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Products availability in India: Juicy Chemistry website and App Vanity Wagon Amazon Nykaa Lets Purplle