Is this just yet another PR stunt for Hrithik's new movie?

Hrithik has been known to keep his personal life low. Recently, he has been caught be the paparazzi in many restaurants with his rumored girl friend, Saba Azad. We have seen the rumored couple together holding hands so many times by now. We have also seen Hrithik praising her on his Instagram stories or her comment section. On the other hand Suzane is seen praising Saba Azad too for her singing skills. Now, this is quite the unusual because very rarely we see ex-wife's being supportive towards their ex-husband's current girl friend. I mean there is always some or the other tension that is evident. Hrithik's new movie is releasing soon with Deepika Padukone, do you think this is yet another low PR stunt to keep them on the headline? I have a feeling it is a PR stunt but what do you think about this?