JYP's new girl group NMIXX's debut track's MV receives backlash for plagiarism

JYP Entertainment's new girl group NMIXX has debuted with their debut track "0.0", however, it has come underfire for alleged plagiarism. On the track's release, netizens pointed out that there are many noticeable similarities with ATEEZ's videos, specifiaclly with their MV "Illusion". The concept of the video lies very close to that of ATEEZ's concept. The studio that produced "0.0" has also worked with ATEEZ but not on their "Illusion" MV. While many feels it's simply coincidental, others feel that the concept of a group needs to stand out which is not the case with NMIXX.

Netzens are demanding JYP to explain the whole incident. Netizens also noticed that JYP promoted the group's genre as original and refreshing since it's a mix of different genres. Fans were quick to notice that aespa has already tried this genre and to call it completely 'new' would be an over exaggeration.

What is your take on this situation? Did you enjoy the group's debut track?