JYP's upcoming girl group 'NMIXX' reveals debut date, poster, and more

NMIXX, the upcoming girl group of JYP Entertainment is set to make debut on February 22. They dropped a poster to announce the debut single, AD MARE. In the poster, a jellyfish can be seen swimming over them which catches the eye. The name 'AD MARE' means 'towards the sea' in Latin.

NMIXX consists of 7 member - Lily (2002), HaeWon (2003), SullYoon (2004), JinNi (2004), Bae (2004), JiWoo (2005), KyuJin (2006). "N" in their name stands for now, new, next and the unknown 'n', and the word "mix" means combination and diversity. Are you excited for their debut on Feb 22? Which member caught your eye till now?