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The K – Beauty Brand Is Reshaping The Beauty Standards

Mauve Fantasticever, is a Korean beauty brand. This brand is centered around gender equality and inclusivity. They have segmented the products according to men and women individually. Its product line is not to persuade the customers on gender stereotypes but the basis of customer values and to make a unique connection with the product. The founder June Yoo identifies that a move in customer habits where experience and ethics are the main driving factors in attaining brand loyalty.


This brand is reshaping beauty standards by inspiring customers to connect with their brand using their moralities, brand imagery, and senses. Through this brand, they are not only about breaking the rules of the beauty industry's old gender bias but also promoting the social inclusion of LGBTQ communities. In Korea, social acceptance about homosexuality and LGBTQ communities is unfamiliar to them compared to other countries. So they acknowledge this and support these communities and want their brand to be the voice for all the matters related to gender bias and minority groups.


The names of the product are chosen in a way that prevents their customer’s from thinking about gender and leaving space for their customers to experience the product without bias. Through this, they are reshaping the beauty standards that human rights should not be violated or differentiated. Not just in the beauty standard but spreading the message in the whole country. This brand has also developed high-performance and clean formulations designed for everyone.  


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