K-drama Characters that would be horrible boyfriends in real life.

We’ve all seen dramas like Boys Over Flowers and wished we all had Goo Joon Pyo as our boyfriend or rather Ryan Gold from ‘Her Private Life’ but do these picture-perfect characters actually worth it in real life?

Let’s start with Goo Joon Pyo, He is extremely toxic, gets easily jealous, doesn’t know to treat girls or even human beings for that matter. He is a straight-up brat who is nothing but a silver spoon.

Moving on to the beloved Sa Hye Joon from the recent Record Of Youth, This drama introduced us to the near-perfect Male Lead, although we love to see a supportive, loving boyfriend. Hye-Jun has the tendency to put other’s needs and emotions before his and as his other half, it would be very terrifying to see him go through difficulties just because he is stubborn.

Last, we have Park Seo-Joon's well-known character Young Joon from ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’ He is a character that is fated to lose, Along with being narcissistic he is also extremely egoistic and doesn’t know how to take no for an answer  

Are there any other characters that would be bad boyfriends?