K-Drama-Choose Your Favourite Appas!

1.Do Chil Goo Father to Do Bong Soon Drama - Strong Woman Do Bong Soon He proves to be a doting father despite his wife always angry at him. He's scared of his wife, but he always makes it a point to let his daughter know that he's always rooting for her. He even saves up money to give to his daughter. 2.Kim Chang Gul Father to Kim Bok Joo Drama - Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo He's adorable, funny, and cute. Even though he wants Bok Joo to become a successful weightlifter, he understands her feelings and makes it a point to regularly visit her at her school with her favorite dishes. 3.Lee Sun Ki Father to Lee Gyu Won Drama - Heartstrings Although his own father hates him he supports Lee Gyu Won when she needs a break from her Grandfather's extensive practice rituals and sometimes helps her bunk on a few sessions too. 4.Choi Dal Pyung Father to Choi In Ha Drama - Pinocchio He's the silent supporter of his daughter. Ha's mother abandons her and her father when she was a child. Her father and grandfather are all she had. And even though she still loved to see her mother on tv, it's her dad who was always there with her 5.Jang Se Joon Father to Go Anna Drama - The K2 He is a politician, who hates his wife but has to keep up his image of the 'Perfect Family Man'. He loves his daughter and misses her, but is unable to show it because of his cunning wife.