K-dramas with the most tragic and sad back story

If you are bored with the fairytale dramas and if you are in a hunt for some melancholic and heartbroken k-dramas to watch, then maybe you can add these three in your watchlist. But first, grab a tissue because the excellent acting skills of the actors will surely make you shed your tears.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

What happens when a girl is taken back into the time of Goryeo dynasty where she falls in love with the 4th prince who is left out in the cold? Definitely the two of them didn't deserve an ending like this. As the plot develops you will cry even more.

Hi Bye, Mama!

A story of a mother who comes back to life after a span of 5 years after her death and tries to reconnect with her family. It makes you reflect on most of your important possessions in life, value friendship and family and importance of the people who are with us. A drama that teaches you important life lessons and will make your eyes swell.

Romance Is A Bonus Book

An excellent drama which shows women's struggles and the norms in the Korean society. The hardships that Kang Dani faces in managing household chores to pursuing her professional life will give you a hard time.