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K-Pop 101: 11 Basic K-Pop Vocabulary for new fans!


Idols often get asked to showcase their 'aegyo' on variety and talk shows, and fans love to see it. It can involve a variety of things from singing children's rhymes to imitating popular dances.

2. All-Kill

This is when a song takes the number one spot on all eight Korean music charts. It's a pretty great deal to accomplish this.

3. Anti-fan

This simply means an Anti or someone who hates a particular celebrity.

4. Bias

Well, bias means exactly the same thing as favourite. Your bias is your favourite member of a group. Similarly, your bias group is your favourite group.

5.Bias wrecker

A member of a group that tests your loyalty to your current favourite in that group.

6. Comeback

When groups release new music and start with the promotions it's called a comeback. It is usually a multi-step process with teaser images and videos, tracklists and sometimes even pre-album single releases. They also often have a concept or theme that stays throughout the promotions.

7. Daesang

A daesang is the highest award an idol can receive. They are usually awards such as Album Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Artist Of The Year and focus on sales.

8. Hwaiting

Sometimes also translated to "fighting" it is a phrase expressing support or cheering on someone.

9. Maknae

An idol group's youngest member.

10. Trainee

Before idols become idols they train for several years. The programs are rigorous and intense and cover everything from singing to dancing and even learning new languages.

11. V Live

If you want to keep up with idols, V Live is a necessity. It's a live stream platform where most K-pop idols have an official account. They often come live or announce new plans here.

Consider this list of K-Pop lingo as a crash course and welcome to the vibrant world of k-pop.


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