K-Pop idols who were school friends!

Attending school is one of the most important stages for all people. Many idols who took classes together found a great and friendly connection between them. Here are some idols who attended the same school together: 1.BTOB’s Hyunsik and EXO’s D.O Both of them went to Goyang Baekseok High School together and were part of the ‘Heavenly Voice’ singing club where they were able to strike their strong friendship. 2.Jimin and V from BTS Before being bandmates,both idols attended the Korean School of Arts together, where their friendship started and to this day they are best friends. 3. DIA’s Chaeyeon and NCT’s Jaehyun These idols attended classes at the Seoul School of Performing Arts together. Both of them were also members of the Broadcasting and Entertainment Department of the institution. 4. CLC’s Yeeun and BTS’s Jungkook These two idols met as classmates at the School of Performing Arts, they took classes in the same room despite Yeeun being a year older.