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Is k-pop insensitive towards culture?

On knowing that k-pop is gaining popularity worldwide as the fastest growing music industry and having diversified fanbase all over the world, big labels should now start paying heed to the props or the aesthetics that they use for their MVs and be even more careful with the lyrics of the song. Many such scenes took place in the past few months which arouse cultural disputes among the fans. Last year when Blackpink’s lisa caused a serious discussion among the fans for using a statue of Hindu deity Lord Ganesha as a prop in ‘How You Like That’ and also the lyrics ‘Play the part like Moses’, in ‘Ice cream’ song featuring Selena Gomez which is significant to Judaism, Islam and Christianity. However it wasn’t the artist’s mistake but the entertainment companies should've learned it’s significance prior. Big Hit entertainment also issued an official apology letter to the fans for using a part, addressing cult leader, Jim Jones in Suga’s mixtape. Later they deleted the part. Gfriend’s Sowon also posted a photo with a Nazi mannequin which the fans noticed as an inappropriate move. Recently, Monsta X’s I.m faced criticism when he released his concept photos for his first solo comeback on 14th February. Muslim Fans noticed that in one of the pictures he was seen wearing a t-shirt with a sacred phrase inscripted on it that refers to GOD in Islam. Fans stating that this is a disrespectful act towards their culture and religion and that the industry shouldn’t use such things for increasing aesthetic and artistic vibes. What are your views?

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