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K-Pop Music Videos with Same Sets!

1. Amusement Parks

Yongma Land-an an abandoned amusement park in Korea is one of the most popular spots for music videos. The spot has been featured in countless K-pop music videos and teasers, from EXO’s solo teasers for “Love Me Right,” to Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar” music video. It even featured in TWICE’s debut music video “Like Ooh-Ahh” back in 2015.

2. Parking Garage

The list would be endless if we count the number of times K-pop groups have filmed their music videos in parking garages. But one particular parking lot seems to be common in BTS’s Not Today and Lay’s (EXO) What you need music video.

3. Abandoned Warehouse

So this one might come off as a surprise for the majority of K-pop fans. One of the most popular songs from both BTS and EXO was actually filmed in the same location. BTS’s Dope and EXO’s Call me Baby were both filmed in the same room with minor changes.

4. Quaint Kitchen

Although kitchen sets are quite common in music videos. This particular set somehow became the set for SISTAR’s sub-unit SISTAR19’s Ma Boy, soloist Park Boram’s Beautiful, and Zion.T’s Eat music videos.

5. The Old Diner

Known for its retro look and feel Four Aces Movie Ranch in Palmdale, California is again a famous spot for shooting music videos. B1A4 filmed their music video for “Solo Day” at this set and Red Velvet also made it their central backdrop for the “Ice Cream Cake” music video.


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