Opening the doors of (group name) for all those Korean drama, movie and K-pop lovers. If your world revolves around BTS, EXO and BLACKPINK, if you can't stop yourself from not just binge watching a Lee Min Ho show but also actively searching for fellow Minoz, ARMY, EXO-Ls and BLINKS, hunt no mor

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Like and Comment, if you think Exo has better dance choreographies than BTS. Counting stops at 8pm. So hurry and lead your team t...Read More
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Mado65 : J'adore V est sa chanson Christmas , il a une super voix et jungkook
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Like and Comment, if you think BTS has better dance choreographies than EXO. Counting stops at 8pm. So hurry and lead your team t...Read More
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It's the first match of the SPL and what better way to kick-off the tournament than to witness two of the most popular teams, BTS...Read More
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Hi Stans, As promised Pinkvilla Rooms is bringing you the most intense Stan face-off ever, 'The Standom Premier League'. But befo...Read More
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Twice talk that Talk on 26th August.
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Shine Together : I am so excited for their this comeback!!!!!
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Soloist B.I. (Kim Han Bin) who is the former member of the Kpop Group IKON and also he is the famous soloist,singer,rapper and pr...Read More
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Please listen to the songs from their new album 'BE AWARE' ^^
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Today,HANTEO NEWS has announced that Sf9 has won their 3rd Hanteo Chart Bronze Certification Plaque. Because Sf9 has recorded ini...Read More
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On 18th August,it was reported that the Exo member will release his first solo album in the September. In response to the report,...Read More
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The interaction of the Sakshma Srivastav and the members of the GOLDEN CHILD is so cute, sweet,nice, funny and beautiful. And the...Read More
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This interview is great and outstanding !!!! Thanks Pinkvilla and Hallyutalk for inviting them!!!!
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The voice letters are so motivating !!!!
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This version of the BTS' 'Yet to Come ' is so cute and beautiful!!!
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