Kakao TV's drama 'Bungee Jumping' has been cancelled: Here's why

Kakao TV's upcoming drama 'Bungee Jumping' starring Lee Hyun Wook and NCT's Jaehyun which was based on the 2001 movie of the same name has been cancelled. The reason behind the cancellation has now been revealed. It turned out that the decision has been made due to the movie's scriptwriter religious beliefs according to the sources.

The inner source said, "This particular scriptwriter became a devoted Christian some time after working on the script for 'Bungee Jumping' in 2001. When the scriptwriter came across the news that the film was being remade into a drama, they contacted the director of the film's production company and expressed that they strongly opposed the remake of the story due to their religious beliefs. It's said that the scriptwriter also emphasized their intentions to take strong action should the production company proceed with the remake without taking into account their wishes. There was no room for negotiation, of the monetary kind of any other, as the opposition was strictly based on religious inclination."

'Bungee Jumping' is a story about a man named Seo In Woo, who couldn't forget his deceased lover, Tae Hee. And, when In Woo meets a male student who resembles his deceased lover uncannily, he begins to develop romantic feelings for the student, Hyun Bin. This drama could have been a game-changer for LGBTQ themed content as Kakao TV is producing some really great dramas, don't you think?