Kamaal R Khan’s attempt to ruin Salman Khan’s reputation backfires as Recordings of KRK Blackmailing Leaks!

KRK has been in the news for quite some time now, be it for his attacks on Salman Khan or his cryptic tweets about every other Bollywood celebrity. However, Kamaal R Khan has now been exposed by actor and businessman Rohit Choudhary for being the “biggest blackmailer of the Indian film industry who asks for money for not doing negative publicity of the film.”

In the leaked call recording, KRK is heard demanding for Rs 25 Lakhs for not doing a negative review of his film. After negotiating, KRK agreed to taking only Rs 20 lakhs for a good review.

We witnessed a lot of people supporting Kamaal R Khan during his fight against Salman Khan but this expose might just be the end of Kamaal R Khan. Maybe now, people will stop helping him get free publicity. Another thing that I fail to understand is that why do these people want a positive review from KRK, it’s not like the audience actually has any faith in the critic.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Is this the end of KRK’s antics?