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Kang Ha-neul as a romantic young cop making my heart flutter.

When the Camellia Blooms is a rom-com, thriller based drama which I felt slightly boring at first but as the story developed it was very addictive. The plot builds around the protagonist Camellia, who is a single mother who starts a bar by her own name in a new neighbourhood, gets threatened by a serial killer. Kang Ha-neul who is shown as the young, cute, hilarious, loyal and energetic cop falls in love with Camellia and is determined to protect her and help in finding the serial killer. Camellia on the other hand is shy, timid and hesitates to be in any relationship with this cop. The end of the story reveals whether or not she accepts him and who is after all, the serial killer and will they be able to catch him. Kang Ha-neul was so cute in this drama, I can guarantee you that his bunny, adorable smile will make you fall in love with him.

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