Kang Haneul has finally chosen his project!

It was confirmed recently that Kang Hanuel will take part in the action-suspense drama ‘Insider’ playing Kim Yo Han.

The Plot follows Yo Han who, Post undercover operation, Kim Yo Han encounters a crisis and winds up struggling to get a hand of cards which might change his destiny while he plays in jail. Kang Hanuel’s character is patient, always looking several moves ahead, and he maintains a level head. While he finds himself in a vulnerable position when he becomes involved in an unexpected incident during the investigation, Kang Haneul previously played Oh Young Sik in the globally hit drama ‘When the Camelia Blooms’.

He is currently on screen as General On Hyup in the drama ‘River Where The Moon Rises’.

What do you think about his role in ‘Insider’?