Kang Minah, the rising actress of 2021

Kang Minah has definitely raised everyone's expectations after playing a supportive, adorable and cheerful character in 'True Beauty' as Soo-ah. She is all set to show her different sides in her upcoming works. Kang Minah will be playing the role of Kang Min Jung, an honest college student, with happy go lucky and cheerful personality residing in the village of Manyang in the upcoming drama 'Beyond Evil' which will be coming to the screens on February 19th. The drama will be a psychological thriller based drama where two men will do anything to get their hands on the serial killer of the village. Apart from this she is also confirmed as the main cast in the drama 'Blue Spring seeing from a distance' alongside Park Ji-hoon and Lee Shin-young. The title though a little weird one is webcomic based romcom story and goes with the meaning, 'Life is a comedy when viewed from a distance, and a tragedy when viewed up close'. Now this makes sense. 2021 will be full of Kang Minah's works and I'm looking forward to it!