Is Kangana going to be banned from Instagram, too?

A few days back, Kangana was badly trolled for her political opinion about the Bengal elections and calling out Mamata Bannerjee for what happened after she won the election. She was also seen giving heed to the hate speech and propagating violence amongst the people. Following which, her twitter account was taken down and suspended indefinitely. Now, 2 days back she posted on Instagram that she has been tested positive for the virus and thus is quarantining, also saying that it has received too much press and that she will demolish it now. (Well what a non sense thing to say, in my opinion) This post was not received well by the people and they thus reported it and it got deleted for the similar reasons. As a reply Kangana now is head on with Instagram community saying that it has a Coronavirus fandom and even a simple post like that (attached below) can be deleted then nothing can be saved. (Well I think the world needs saving from your obnoxious thoughts Kangana) She supposes that if this goes on, she will only survive 2-3 weeks on Instagram but still no one will be able to make her quiet. What are your thoughts? Let me know!