Kangana is now dragging this 'Khan' into the news?

Kangana Ranaut is often in the news for her comments. She has been facing difficulties to renew her passport as there is a sedition case against the actor. Her plea seeking renewal of her passport has been adjourned by the court till June 25.


As we all know she takes everything to her social media, this time too she took to her social media to call out Aamir. She said, 'when Aamir offended BJP by calling India intolerant no one held his passport to stop his films or shoots, in no way was he tortured or harassed.'


I mean she clearly doesn't forget things, she keeps on talking about the incidents that have happened in the past. In my opinion, Kangana shouldn't have made these comments about celebs, she could've waited for the court to decide or should've tried other ways to solve these issues instead of calling people out.


Aamir was trolled online for commenting about the country and Kangana is no one to decide what should be done with someone.

What's your opinion about this?